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Semporna fire claims 3 siblings
Published on: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Semporna: Three siblings, including twins, were burnt to death in a fire which destroyed a unit of workers' quarters at a plantation in Borneo Pegagau, near here, Sunday night.

District Police Chief Supt Peter Ambuas said the twins, identified as Harmasius Roman and Fosaliana Roman, 5, and their brother Amsalinus, 4, were found dead in the kitchen of the house. He said they were at home alone as their father had gone to fetch their mother at Kampung Peringkat Pegagau.

"When the father left, the back door of the house was locked while the victims were in the living room and the front door was left unlocked.

"On their way home, the parents saw thick smoke billowing from the house and rushed back only to discover their house on fire," he added.

Peter said the father tried to rescue the victims but failed to do so as the fire spreading quickly.

The Semporna Fire and Rescue Station was alerted at 7.47pm and the fire was completely extinguished at 9.43pm. – Nasri Mustafah

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