Another party comes 'alive'
Published on: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

INANAM: Stand-alone party, Parti Damai Sabah, believes it has growing support from voters in the state after receiving new members from other parties, Monday.Its president Berman Angkap said a few former Umno and opposition Parti Kebangsaan Sabah joined his party because they believe in what it stands for.

He said the party expects to receive more new members comprising some "big names" in local politics before nomination day.

He admitted that some of the new members will be fielded as candidates.

Other than political parties, he said they have strong support from several grassroots organisations including the Pertubuhan Kebajikan 3B Damai Sabah and Persatuan Tombonuo Sabah.

The party, formed in 2013 but had remained dormant, made a last minute appearance to participate in the coming general election, offering voters an alternative other than the pro-government and opposition parties.

The party declare it is not on the side of either the BN or the opposition.

Led by Berman, a former Bersekutu and Barisan Rakyat Sabah president, the multi-racial party declares it is representing the voice of the people who feel that the rights and interests of Sabah "have not been fully championed" by both the government and opposition parties.

When announcing PDS last week, Berman had said party's last minute appearance was intentional and was ready for election battle as it had been going to the ground quietly to explain its aims and objectives to the people in the past three years.

On candidates, he said the party is still finalising the list and will make the announcement before nomination day.

He did not rule out the possibility that the PDS will contest in all state seats, including some parliamentary seats.

The party is going solo in the coming general election just like PKS.

Although unlike the PKS which is an opposition, PDS shares with them the same struggle of wanting to reinstate Sabah as a negara (country).

However, Berman said his party has more to offer to Sabahans, which will be spelt out in their manifesto that they will unveil soon. - Leonard Alaza


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