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Our health services still world's cheapest
Published on: Friday, April 20, 2018

Penampang: Barisan Nasional district Chief Datuk Donald Mojuntin said government health services are still the cheapest in the world, with a payment of only RM1 at hospitals, polyclinics and klinik desa. Opening a cancer awareness programme organised by a newly formed Sabah Cancer and Community Volunteers Association (PSKKS) at Dewan Gawir, Madsiang in the weekend, he said the small fee amounts to only RM16 million annually but the Government spent RM26 billion for all the health services.

He is happy that this year the budget for health is increased to RM27 billion all due to a stable government.

This programme is for everyone around here but some in our community do not want to know or afraid of going for a check-up because if the doctors find something, it would mean treatments and have to reduce "aramai tii".

The reality is when people see the "C" word, they become disinterested hence difficult to gather many people for such programme.

He therefore suggested that the association members visit house to house especially at villages where a cancer patient is identified as well as to groups of people who are interested.

He lauded the individuals who forms associations with noble objectives considering that our community is facing death every week from non-communicable diseases such as strokes, heart diseases, diabetes and cancer which affect all ages probably due to unhealthy foods and excessive sugars.

He urged all volunteer associations to continue the awareness programmes while all those whose health are less than normal to go to the clinics every 3 months for check-ups.

Emotional support are also necessary not just for the patients but for family members who maybe in trauma for the difficulties they are facing.

Hence he said this support system could also be done using the concept of gotong royong as well as giving support to volunteers. He concluded the programme of the day is sincere and beneficial where the people will be able to meet and get answers from specialist doctors.

Earlier, organising chairman Stephen Tangau said since the formation of PSKKS on 16 Oct 2017, the associations had visited and delivered aids to orphan centres at Tambunan, and visited cancer patients in hospitals and homes.

They have also cooperated with government departments to conduct courses on family harmony in Keningau while today's programme is the first for the year.

The association membership is still considered low and invites volunteers to join so that the visions and missions can be achieved hoping to open a branch in every district.

A branch with 200 members have been opened in Sipitang while a protem committee is started in Keningau, and will act to achieve the governments aspiration of giving assistance to all level of society, he said.

Stephen concluded that the association will accept all forms of assistance from government, private sectors and individuals to achieve its objectives.

Two specialist doctors from Keningau hospital, Dr Babu Baskar @ Sam and Dr Asyraf Yunos gave health talks emphasising on awareness and screening to the villagers that turned up at 11.00 am.

A cancer survivor Helim Kandawar from Keningau also shared her experience, inspiring others to stay positive and urging everyone to support the noble deeds of the volunteers. - Oswald Supi


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