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Stepfather turns girl into a 'sex-addict'
Published on: Friday, April 20, 2018

Labuan: A form five student here was allegedly sexually abused by her stepfather since she was nine until she became a sex addict and is now five weeks pregnant.

Labuan police chief Supt Muhamad Farid Ahmad said the victim hid the six-year long ordeal from her mother as she was afraid and pitied her mother because her stepfather was the family's sole breadwinner.

"The victim was confirmed pregnant on Tuesday after receiving treatment at the hospital for vomiting, dizziness and stomach cramps.

It was only then that she confessed that she had been raped by her stepfather since 2011 or about seven years now. A police report was lodged the same day and the suspect was remanded for four days beginning Wednesday.

The suspect began by showing her pornographic videos and inappropriately touching her.

After a while, he raped her when her mother was not at home and the ordeal continued until the last incident which was on March 10 this year.

She was continuously molested and raped by the suspect which has triggered an emotional disturbance in her and led her to become a "sex-addict". She has since had sex with six men she knew through WeChat.

The victim is now five weeks pregnant.

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