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Penampang suffered under opposition
Published on: Friday, April 20, 2018

Penampang: Penampang voters do not want to repeat their mistake in the 13th General Election (GE13) which saw the parliamentary seat and all the state seats in the constituency won by the opposition.The locals expressed their regret and disappointment as representatives from the opposition pact failed to bring any development as hoped.

Cornellius Miller, a 60-year-old trader, said the people of the district were suffering for the past few years as no development or changes were brought about by the elected representatives.

"We have no government representatives in the Penampang area. It is useless.

Just think how many years we have suffered (being with the opposition) ... there is nothing ...we must change.

We went with the opposition for several years, and it is enough.

"We want a government which looks out for us," he said when met by Bernama at the Donggongon Market here.

Cornellius hoped that representatives from the ruling government would be elected to lead Penampang in the coming term to defend the fate of the people in the constituency.

"Now, all the people (in Penampang) are aware (of this issue), and there is no need to campaign.

We will support the BN's candidate in the coming election. Even now, in Moyog there is no (government) representative for us," he said.

In GE13, the Barisan Nasional candidate for Penampang lost to Parti Warisan Sabah's deputy president Darell Leiking, who was a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate at that time, by a sizeable majority.

The Moyog state seat was won by then PKR candidate Terrence Siambun (now the treasurer of Parti Warisan Sabah), and the Kepayan state seat went to Dr Edwin Bosi (now a member of Parti Anak Negeri) on the DAP ticket.

Meanwhile, when asked if he would choose a party or candidate, private sector worker Antihing Ansingon, 42, said it was better to choose the candidate, as one's character and credibility was important to determine if he or she was the best to represent the voice of the people.

"Every candidate who contests and wins in this election needs to be concerned and always go down to hear the people's problems in their respective areas," he said.

However, retiree Christopher Sitalu, 58, said he preferred to choose based on the party rather than the candidate.

He opined that the party which contested and won in the election would play a role in supporting the development and progress of a village.

"Through the party, we can get help from the government. But if asked to choose a candidate, we will see who the candidate is. Every candidate chosen must be wise, and if possible, be among the youth leaders," he said.

Catherine Gabrie, 51, who also preferred to choose the party over the candidate said: "Any candidate is fine, what's important is the party they are representing is good."

For Judin Tinjil, 48, a strong party which could win GE14 and lead the new government after the election was preferable. –Bernama


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