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Radin dismisses opposition claims
Published on: Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tenom: State Rural Development Minister Datuk Seri Radin Malleh cum incumbent Melalap Assemblyman said he does not care about opposition claims that he only went down to ground to meet the people when the elections were near.Instead, he urged the opposition to ask the people of Melalap.

Officiating the Associated Hymn of the Association of Chinese Associations here, he also urged the Chinese community not to be influenced by the opposition's empty promises as they would do anything to gain support.

"Now they (opposition) have a lack of political issues. They try to confuse the people by claiming that Radin only come to see the people when the general election is near. They should check the records of the Minister's visit at the Tenom District Office," said Stanis Buandi, Political Secretary to the State Infrastructure Development Ministry.

Stanis, who is also PBS Melalap Deputy Chief, also expressed support for the leadership of Radin and hoped he would be re-nominated by the PBS leadership to defend Melalap in the coming GE14.

On Thursday, Radin led an entourage of Federal and State government agencies to distribute goods and agricultural seedlings and provide services such as health checks and home environment hygiene care in some villages in the Melalap area.

The visit was also to monitor the welfare of poor families in Melalap. – Mail Mathew


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