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Concern over daily paid, temporary staff
Published on: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The Pergerakkan Pemantau Sukarelawan Penampang (Pantau Penampang), a community movement based in Penampang called on the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to look into the plight of the Penampang District Council's staff who are unsure of their employment status with the State Government.

According to the movement's Chairperson, Jo Nandu, several staff are listed under the status of "temporary" despite having worked for more than a decade and passed the requisite requirements for the said upgrading.

"This is bad because some of them may miss out on pension if this continues," he said in a statement.

"I understand that the District Council had already submitted to the Ministry the names of those eligible for the upgrading so I hope the new Minister will look into this matter immediately and at the same time, the District Council should do the necessary follow-up," he said in a statement.

He also bemoaned the future of some of the District Council's staff listed as daily wage earners.

"Irrespective of what their jobs are, these people had in one way or another contributed to the management of the district through their commitment to perform jobs and responsibilities entrusted to them.

"If we don't treat our local staff properly by giving them a fixed monthly wages, then in the future, our own locals will shun these jobs and if this happen, we will have to start privatising some of the jobs or worst, employ foreigners to do the jobs," he said.

Nandu also call for the end of nepotism in the District Council and said employment should not be made through the interference of State's Minister.

"Employment in the District Council must be made through the meritocracy system and preferences should be given to Penampang folks who reside in the district and not those coming from other districts such as Tuaran or Putatan," he said.

He said outstation employment should only be made if there exist an acute shortage of competent staff in District Council that necessitate the employment to avoid delays in any part of the section.

"As for the District Council staff who have been employed through the recommendation or interference by previous BN Ministers, then perhaps it may be a good idea if they are to be transferred to other districts and their places filled by Penampang folks through the normal process of interviews and so on," he added.

He also called for the end of wastage and cronyism in PDC and hope that the incoming new DO and councillors give priority on these two issues.

"We have heard so many complaints by Penampang folks in the past regarding the wastage of funds through the many unnecessary projects such as the infamous little gongs on top of the streetlight poles that can be seen all over Donggongon Town.

"I don't know how much had been spent for this project but I reckon the funds should have been utilised to upgrade the drainage system to reduce the effect of flooding.

"At the same time, I urged the end of cronyism practice, irrespective of who is asking for the projects that had severely affected many of our local and hardworking contractors.

"It is time for us to work together and make sure that PDC becomes a transparent, reputable and committed agency in the district," he said.

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