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Warisan open to Rozman crossing over
Published on: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Labuan: Parti Warisan Sabah will meet with Labuan MP Datuk Rozman Isli to discuss and resolve any uncertainties or qualms the latter might have about joining Warisan.Warisan Vice President Junz Wong said the duty-free island can go far under a Sabah-based party (Warisan) seeing that Labuan is in a unique position, where it is geographically and economically more related to mainland Sabah.

He believes the party can work well with Rozman to prioritise the needs and aspirations of the people here.

"We (Sabahans) are well-versed and could relate more to the people here as well as with Rozman's vision for the island. If we were to work together, we can bring more stability and prosperity to Labuan.

"With no disrespect to the Peninsula counterparts, but if Rozman were to join the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, they would be more focused on stabilising the government on a national scale and not prioritise the island," he said.

Therefore, Junz is confident that Labuan can achieve wonders under Warisan as the party can ensure the island will be continuously developed and on par with the mainland.

"As we are not part of the PH coalition, we call our own shots and do not have to refer to or be interfered by them.

"With this, it would be easier for us to do what's best for Labuan and jointly develop the island together with Sabah," he told Daily Express when he came down to Labuan to visit his family, Saturday.

Junz, who is also Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister cum Tanjung Aru Assemblyman, said that the future prospects of Labuan now depends on Rozman's decision in moving forward.

He cited that even economically, the island too relies mostly on Sabah for a lot of produce, stock and commodities.

He also guaranteed that the people of Labuan will be given priority in employment and business opportunities.

Currently, a lot of these positions are given to outsiders just because the island had been federalised.

"I will make another trip down to the island soon, in the hope I can persuade Rozman to stand on the same side as Sabah and together demand what is rightfully Labuan's and Sabah's.

"We are definitely the more sensible move and hope he can arrive at a decision soon so we can get straight to work," added Junz.

Rozman is still keeping faith with Umno despite being pressured by locals to cross over to parties in the PH coalition or Warisan.

He is said to be still "considering" all factors as he did not want to risk big projects in the island being aborted by the new government as he aspires to see through the Labuan Development Blueprint 2030. - Iffah Dilaney


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