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Piped water remains a dream for Tenom folks
Published on: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tenom: Some 300 villagers residing near Kg Ulu Tepoh and Kg Pamilaan, here, who have long yearned for clean and treated water supply are now questioning the concerned authorities when this aspiration could materialise.

Gonsubin Yosundang, 67, who was a former Native Chief, said a booster pump that was built since 2012 on his land to pump clean and treated water from Senagang water treatment plant has been completed but is yet operational.

He said the main purpose of building the booster pump was as an alternative step to pump and supply clean water to domestic consumers living on higher land especially in Kg Pamilaan, Ulu Tepoh and the surrounding areas so that it would be easy for them to get the water supply.

However, Gonsubin said the concerned villagers are disappointed because they have been hoping and waiting for clean and treated water since 2012 that has not become reality.

Now, he said they are questioning whether the booster pump building would become a "white elephant" project.

He hoped the new government led by Pakatan Harapan (PH) would look into the "booster pump" problem so it can operate normally. The problem is not exclusively happening in Kg Pamilaan and Ulu Tepoh only but also in other areas.

"We are disappointed because we have not been getting clean and treated water supply although the booster pump building has been constructed.

"Presently, we are relying on other resources for the water supply such as from the water gravity piping supply," he said.

Gonsubin said several complaints have been forwarded to the concerned authorities but the reply did not give any sign that the water supply problem would be resolved.

Gonsubin also claimed that the status agreement on the site of building the booster pump on his land with acreage of 0.25 has not be addressed where compensation should be paid to him based on terms and conditions in the agreement sealed on July 12, 2012.

It was learnt that the government, especially the State Water Department that is facing funding constraint since 2016, have caused many public complaints on several booster pumps that have been completed but are not operational. - Mail Matthew

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