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12 Umno Tawau members quit
Published on: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tawau: A total of 12 Umno Tawau committee members, including two of its Youth wing committee members announced their resignation as Umno members during a media conference, here, Tuesday.

They are division treasurer Hamid @ Hamild Awang and nine committee members, Sarman Amat Simito, Mardawiah Udin, Abdul Razak Abbas, Datu Abd Rahman Datu Ismail, Nordin Nusu, Mohamad Oman, Yusup Abd Ghani, Datu Indal Datu Ismail and Suoroto Karto Marmo @ Jeffrey Su.

Joining the group are two Youth wing committee members Hazman Hakim, who is also Apas Community Development Officer, and Datu Halnain Datu Ismail.

Hamid said their decision was final with no pressure nor compulsion from any party.

According to him, their actions are not motivated by feelings of blaming anyone but on the consciousness that it is their responsibility as Malaysians to support the ruling government.

"(Because) we are confident and believe that today's government will be able to continue the development at State and regional level…our decision to opt out of Umno is not to pursue posts in any party but due to our own consciousness," he said.

When asked about their next move, Hamid said they will join Parti Warisan Sabah in the near future, however, subject to the party leadership's consent as Warisan has a division in Tawau.

"We need to talk to them about how we can be absorbed into the party as ordinary members," he added.

He said they will bring supporters from their respective branches to join Warisan without forcing anyone to do so.

"There are 172 branches in the Tawau Umno Division…our tasks is to ensure our members understand how to bring progress to the area. However, we cannot force them. We welcome anyone who wants to join us and to those who wish to remain in Umno, we will not force them to join us," he said.

He said as a group involved in bringing Umno to Tawau in the 1990s, he views the migration after 27 years as necessary. - Lagatah Toyos

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