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Dept denies Tenom water pump not working
Published on: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tenom: State Water Department (Jans) Officer Doddy Anthony denied allegations by a Kg Ulu Tepoh representative, Gonsubin Yosundang, that the village is experiencing water supply problem due to malfunctioning booster pump since 2012.

He said the booster pump has been functioning all this while after its construction, adding that the problem was due to the residents not coming forward to apply for water to be supplied to their homes.

However, Doddy is uncertain if the previous management did not inform Gonsubin about the pump's status
"I have taken over the role as an officer since May 2017, so it is highly likely that Gonsubin and the residents were not aware of the actual situation since they did not receive accurate information from the previous officer.

"However, clean water supply can be connected to their respective homes through the meter after an official application is submitted to our office along with all the necessary payments," he said.

Doddy said the current committee was not aware of Doddy's agreement with a contractor for the construction of boiler pump built on his land. - Mail Mathew

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