Gabungan Sabah awaits Musa's nod
Published on: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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The establishment of Gabungan Bersatu Sabah, however, still await the decision of Sabah BN Chairman Musa Aman who had gone missing since May 14. Without him, all Umno members were not able to join Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) to form a new party called PBS Plus. The move will see Umno cease to exist in Sabah as PBS Plus led by Joseph Pairin Kitingan will sign an accord with Sabah Star led Jeffrey to form the new coalition to replace BN in the state.

The idea to form a Borneo Bloc had also been raised by Parti Warisan Sabah Deputy President Darell Leiking who sees the Sarawak move could pave way for the Borneo Bloc to be realised. 

"Good news that they (the Sarawakians) have finally left that old remnant of a cruel regime.

What I personally like to see is the convergence of the two Borneo Entity (Sarawak / Sabah) to form a strong Bloc that can represent Borneo in co-administering the Federation of Malaysia together as envisioned by those who agreed to form the Federation of Malaysia in 1963," he said. The Penampang MP said there is nothing the leaders from Peninsular Malaysia can do to stem the trend of Sabah and Sarawak demanding the return of state rights as stipulated under the Malaysia Agreement 1963. 

According to him, the Sarawak Government can also decide whether they want to be Pakatan Harapan friendly or not later, if the federal government allow Petronas to sue the state government to claim exclusive ownership to the oil and gas industry. 

He noted the Petronas suit is a hostile action from the Federal Pakatan Harapan government which now have total control over the national oil company. 

Meanwhile, the decision of the Sarawak ruling parties to leave BN come as no surprise to Sabah Umno assistant secretary Masidi Manjun. 

"BN suffered heavy losses during the recent GE14, with a State election in two years time and a PH central government, a continuous tie-up with BN may not be politically tenable for Sarawak. 

A political realignment is a sensible and the practical option, perhaps the only option for them," he said.


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