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Rainwater for toilets proposed
Published on: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Toilet flushing system using harvested rainwater may be proposed to the Government as part of efforts to manage water resources more effectively and responsibly."We can't keep flushing our toilets with treated water anymore. Maybe we will put forward our suggestion for every new housing development to use water harvesting system to flush the toilets or for general household cleaning."

"As for treated water, it will only be for consumption," Moyog Assemblywoman Jenifer Lasimbang told reporters after attending a meeting with community representatives from Kampung Terian in Penampang and Sungai Eloi, Pitas.

The communities brought to their attention their concern about the effects of mega projects to their lives and livelihood. The mega projects are the proposed Kaiduan Dam in Ulu Papar and Shrimp Farming in Sungai Eloi.

Jenifer, who is also the Assistant Minister of Education and Innovation, believes this is a way forward in finding a solution to non-revenue water (NRW) problem.

Rainwater harvesting has been utilised in many countries as an environmentally sound approach for sustainable urban water management or mitigate water shortages.

Jenifer also believes the same principle applies when dealing with the question on whether or not the proposed Kaiduan Dam has to be built.

The proposed project has been said to be necessary to meet the rising needs of consumers for treated water.

But Jenifer insists that water wastage must be addressed first and supply alternatives be explored.

"Actually, the issue is not whether to build a dam or not. It's about managing our water resources.

We have overlooked this for so many years. I believe there are alternatives which we have not looked into yet," she said.

Insisting that the project needs to be reviewed as promised by the new State Government, Jenifer stressed that the people, especially her constituents have suffered the negative impact of the Babagon Dam, 20 years after it was built.

"One of the main reasons of the occurrence of flash floods was because the dam overflows.

The people would only feel the impact years after it is built. Just look at the Babagon Dam.

Now, imagine the impact the mega Kaiduan Dam could cause some years in the future if it gets built," she said. - Leonard Alaza


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