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Ex-journalist to contest post of Umno Tawau Youth Chief
Published on: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tawau: Former journalist, Shamry M. Sani, announced that he will be contesting the Umno Tawau Youth Chief post in the party's election.

Shamry, who has 20 years of experience in political writing, had previously contested the post but lost to Arifin Kasim, who left Umno after the 14th General Election (GE-14).

The Tawau Reporters and Media Practitioners (Pewarta) Chairman is determined to strengthen the party's wing in an effort to prove that Umno is still relevant.

"We know that Umno received a shock when many seats were lost in GE-14, so we need to rise with a new spirit.

"We want to ensure that the new image of Umno Youth is fresh and easily approachable by youths," he said in a statement, Tuesday.

He said the effort to solidify Umno might not be easy but it is not impossible and past mistakes need to be taken as a lesson for the continuity of the party's fight.

"We might be in the opposition camp but it needs to be reminded that in the Tawau Parliamentary area, we still control the Apas State seat.

"The victory in Apas proves that Umno has grassroots support as well as in the Balung state seat, before its people's representatives 'jumped' to the opposing party," he said.

Shamry said his decision to leave the journalism world was because he wants to fully commit himself in the political arena, even though he realises that Umno is going through tough times.

"Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We need to continue to stand firm in our fight with good intentions that the people can believe in," he said.

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