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Sabah PKR says 'no' to Osman's membership
Published on: Sunday, July 15, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah PKR said it does not recognise Balung Assemblyman Datuk Osman Jamal's claim of being a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) since he chose not to go through the State Secretariat but deal direct with party headquarters.

It insists it should decide whether to accept him or not in line with the autonomy on making decisions that was assured to the State Leadership Council by party headquarters.

State PKR Vice Chairman Mohd Amin Abdul Mem (pic) said it was wrong for Osman to bypass the Council and to also claim that he has been granted the privilege to contest a post in the party elections without even having to fulfil the requirement of a year's membership.

It was reported that Osman's online application had been approved and confirmed by the party's Central Leadership Council, although Sabah PKR earlier said it would object if it was bypassed.

According to Mohd Amin, as far as the State Leadership Council is concerned, Osman is a non PKR member until it decides on his membership status.

"At the moment, we don't recognise his claim to be a PKR member," he said.

He stressed there are matters that the State Leadership Council needs to look into before even considering whether to accept Osman or not.

"Firstly, he has a pending court case.

"Secondly, we have to take into consideration the sentiment of our loyal PKR supporters and voters who spent many years fighting Umno and Barisan Nasional which Osman had pledged loyalty to and even contested under its ticket in the general election and won.

"We can't just ignore all these and blindly accept him," said Mohd Amin, who is also PKR Ketua Cabang for Semporna.

It was reported that Osman intended to contest for the chairmanship of PKR Tawau in September, if allowed to do so.

On this, Mohd Amin urged the party's Ketua Cabang not to allow Osman to fulfill his ambition.

"He can't just bulldoze his way into the party and declare intention to contest for the post of Tawau PKR Chairman. It would be disrespectful to all our members and leaders who have been loyal to the party.

We have many capable leaders who can hold the chairman post. Why does he think he is better," he asked.

Osman reportedly decided to refer his application to PKR headquarters after being turned down by Warisan.

Earlier last month, state PKR said it would not entertain any application from Umno elected representatives.

"If any of them wanted to join, they will have to go through the Sabah PKR which is headed by Christina Liew as we have been given the autonomy by the national PKR. And we will have to screen them first.

"But there's no question about them joining us because our stand at the moment is that we won't entertain any application from Umno elected representatives," Its Vice Chairman Kenny Chua, said.

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