Brazil court lifts ban on glyphosate weedkiller
Published on: Wednesday, September 05, 2018

BRASÍLIA: An appellate court on Monday lifted a court-ordered suspension of licenses in Brazil for products containing glyphosate, an industrial weedkiller in common use in Latin America's agricultural powerhouse. Federal appeals court judge Kassio Marques ruled that "nothing justified" the suspension by a lower court, saying it had been abruptly imposed "without previous analysis of the grave impact it would have on the country's economy and on production in general."

The suspension, which had been ordered August 3 by a federal judge in Brasilia, was supposed to go into effect on Monday until a "toxicological re-evaluation" of all products containing glyphosate could be completed by Brazil's sanitary authority.

The ban also was to have extended to products containing the chemicals thiram and abamectin.


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