Women are assured of continued govt support
Published on: Saturday, September 08, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The new State Government will continue to support and implement the National Women Policy (DWN) and Women Development Action Plan (PTPW) 2009 that will empower women's development in many aspects.Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal (pic) said such support would be rendered via the Health and People's Wellbeing Ministry in which Sabah Women Affairs Department (Jhewa) and an advisory body for women and think tank for Sabah Government, Sabah Women Advisory Council (MPWS) have been placed.

"DWN and PTPW were formulated based on the Federal Constitution, Rukun Negara principles and National Social Policy as a direction and guidance towards any planning and development programmes for women.

"These are being done on the acknowledgement that women are half of the Malaysia's population and they are diligent and hardworking in giving contribution to the country.

"Among the DWN main objectives are to provide a suitable and conducive environment that meets the women's needs that could enhance the women's image and wellbeing, including physical aspect, economy, social, politics, health, psychology and spiritual," he said.

Shafie said this in his speech when officiating the State-level Women's Day celebration with its theme "Wanita Cemerlang, Rakyat Sejahtera" (Excellent Women, People's Wellbeing), here, Friday.

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew delivered Shafie's speech in the event. Also present were Health and People's Wellbeing Assistant Minister Norazlinah Arif, MPWS Chairperson Datuk Dr Tarsiah TZ Taman, Jhewa Director Masnah Matsalleh and senior officials.

"What have been outlined in DWN and PTPW clearly show that these aim for the wellbeing of the women as well as the people, overall.

"Hence, I guarantee that the State Government via the Health and People's Wellbeing Ministry will continue to uphold the DWN and PTPW and implement its policies and programmes that benefit women. As a concerned government, we will always be open to any suggestions and views for the purpose of empowering and further improving the women's progress," Shafie said.

He said he hoped all quarters would be with him and the Government to continue initiatives and the battle in uplifting the women either at national or international level.

Shafie said he feels very proud to be invited to the annual auspicious event of celebrating the Women's Day that recognises and supports the excellence of Sabah women in various fields in the State and country in general.

"I was made to understand that the Sabah Women Affairs Department (Jhewa) has completed a Master Plan for Development of Women in Sabah 2018-2022 as a guidance in planning for women's progress and advancement in five years' time.

"I hope the master plan can be a source of reference for all quarters in implementing programmes that could progress, and uplift women's image as well as empowering their huge potentials," he said.

Shafie said he has confidence in the planning of women's development in the country by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister will see an encouraging transformation that would materialise women's development and integrate them in the nation's development, holistically.

At the same time, he said Sabah would not be left behind to enjoy the huge benefits as a result of paradigm shift on the women's development that is the backbone of the socio-economic of the country.

He said he was drawn to a study being carried out on full-time working mothers conducted by the Harvard Business School, USA and the respondents consisted of 50,000 adults from 25 nations.

"The study revealed that sons and daughters have been raised through systematic and good education as well as being well-looked after and instilling them with noble, and positive values and religious education.

"The children as teenagers were able to avoid being involved in social ill activities and the sons and daughters have good career path and guaranteed livelihood.

"The daughters have shown excellence work performance and have bright future ahead while the sons are smart and expert in domestic management and spending more time with their families and looking after them compared to those sons who were raised, traditionally," he said.

Shafie said outcomes of the study were shocking as the results were against of all popular beliefs and traditional principles that the fall in family institution was due to the working mothers and wives.

Therefore, he said results of the study are also the manifestation of an important message behind the theme 'Wanita Cemerlang, Rakyat Sejahtera' which in other word would mean that women is the key and strength to the nation's socio-economic.

In the event, Norazlinah has presented a copy of the Master Plan for Development of Women in Sabah to Liew who represented Shafie in the event.


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