Mamagun demands apology over black magic allegation
Published on: Sunday, September 09, 2018

Tenom: The Mamagun NGO vehemently denies the Murut community is practising black magic to harm people.Its President Rudy Sulaiman Mairi (pic) described the allegation, which went viral in social media by a portal known for publishing controversial issues, as defamatory, malicious and aimed at shaming the community.

"In the era of the 21st century, the Murut community has become more educated and practising polytheism by using 'lontong (poisonous potion that caused bloated stomach), believed occurred in cave era, has long forgotten…why the need to create such allegation," he said.

Rudy was responding to a posting.

"The Mamagun Sabah demands that not to use nonsense issues related to the Murut community to criticise Melalap MP Datuk Peter Anthony.

"The 14th general election has passed, the people have determined their representatives through the ballot box…give Peter the opportunity to administer…not to meddle the Murut tribe or scare him," he said.

"NGO Mamagun Sabah will lodge a police report to request to apologise openly to the Murut community, the dominant residents in Melalap," he said.


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