Sabah Umno Youth dares Warisan to dissolve Assembly
Published on: Sunday, September 09, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Umno Youth has demanded that the Warisan-led State Government dissolve the State Legislative Assembly and have a re-election, without waiting for the court decision on Tan Sri Musa Aman's suit that he is still the legally constituted Chief Minister, which has been fixed for Oct 26. Its Information Chief Mazlan Joe Manan (pic) said this is vital so the true wishes of the people in Sabah could be determined.

"If Parti Warisan Sabah wins the re-election, then there will be no more questions about the present government's legitimacy," he said Saturday.

He said Musa's return to Sabah last Wednesday was something anticipated by the people of Sabah in general who did not it take it as just the return of a great leader "but also the rightful Chief Minister of Sabah, based on the State Constitution, who came back to continue fighting for the people."

"The sea of people who came to greet Musa on his arrival at the airport were not there to just see him but also present a clear message to the government that the Constitution must be upheld and respected so that justice will be for those who rightfully deserve it according to the existing laws," he said.

Sabah Umno Youth sees that Musa's return further strengthening the opposition bloc in the State Assembly, he said, adding it is timely considering that the people of Sabah have started talking negatively on the new State Government, due to the various decisions it made which went against the people and the Constitution.

He cited the mass issuance of work permits to illegal immigrants, which was against Section 6(3) of the Immigration Act 1959/63, as something that should not have been done by the new government.

"There were dark incidents in our State like the intrusion in Kg Tanduo which makes us always to be on alert and vigilant so as to avoid recurrence of the same the issuance of work permits to illegal immigrants is like torn in the flesh," he said.

He said as a responsible government, the new government should be committed to continue the commitment of the previous government to further improve the lives of the local people in Sabah by creating more job opportunities in all sectors, including agriculture sector, and not to just give these opportunities to illegal immigrants.

He also cited appointment of "outsiders" who are not from the public services to become department directors "which clearly go against the existing law."

Another is the appointment of a non-Sabahan to hold an important position like Municipal Council President which suggest Sabahans are being sidelined.

"The calls of 'Sabah for Sabahans' that were repeatedly heard during the 14th General Election were just to get votes. Today, the State Government no longer sees Sabahans as having potential and capabilities to hold high posts," he said.

He said Musa's return will definitely give extra boost to the voices of the people of Sabah who want a government that has integrity and attentive to their needs and interests.


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