Senior citizens need attention from people
Published on: Friday, October 12, 2018

Kinarut: All they need is just attention and a cordial chat from visitors be it strangers or relatives.As members of TP Club interacted with senior citizens at Sri Pritchard Old Folks Home in Kinarut, one could see the joy on their faces and joviality in their conversations.

The club's chairperson, Emily Chong, said they brought together with them food, toiletries, diapers and detergents, among others, to lessen the Home's expenses for necessity items.

Apart from the items, Emily said that most importantly her members could spend quality time with the senior citizens during that day on Malaysia Day.

"We took the opportunity during the holiday (Malaysia Day) to be with the senior citizens at this Home and to cheer them up.

"We want to show our love and care for them, spending quality time talking with them.

"I thought this is more meaningful when we are able to be with them on this special occasion," said Emily.

She said chatting and spending time with the residents would uplift their spirit and made them happy, especially when they were served with drinks and snacks.

According to Lucina Loijim the Home Superintendent, there are 90 residents at the Home and that the oldest resident is from Kiulu who is 100-years-old.

'We receive assistance both from government and private sectors, for this I am thankful for the assistance be it in kinds or monetary. These definitely will lighten our burden in providing essential items to the residents here," she said.

Emily said that visits to Old Folks Home or orphanages will expose club members on the importance of being a caring and responsible citizen in the society.

"Visit such as this is one way to expose our members (colleagues) to inculcate social responsibilities and the importance of caring for the elderly.

"When each one of us are instilled with this good value, our society becomes more accountable and its citizen would be more responsible.

"So, let's continue to bring cheers and good deeds to the Homes."

The visitors were taken by surprise during the singing of national anthem when the senior members too stood up and sang with them.

"I was touched and overwhelmed by their move. Despite their fragile condition, they too stood together with us to show their respect," said Emily.

TP Club was formed more than 20 years ago with the objective to develop and to maintain harmonious relationship among employees by encouraging teamwork through various formal and informal team building activities.

They conduct humanitarian activities each year and carry out the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR). - Lorena Binisol


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