Don't evict Bukit Punai squatters yet, urges Liew
Published on: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Api Api Assemblywoman Datuk Christina Liew said she would discuss with City Hall to find a solution for the eviction dilemma faced by local squatters at Kg Bukit Punai.Liew said she would check with the Local Government and Housing Ministry to see if there was any housing scheme for hardcore poor (PPRT) that can be made available for them. She also hoped City Hall would not evict the villagers before they received their new homes.

"Yes, the villagers are squatters who are illegally occupying the area but some of them have been staying here for over 20 years already, so if they are evicted (now) where do you expect them to go.

"These are Sabahans hailing from districts outside Kota Kinabalu, so the only solution is to see whether PPRT homes can be provided for them so that once they are given a place, they can move out of here and the area can be developed for other purposes.

"I will discuss with the Mayor and City Hall over the matter to extend (the eviction notice) and also discuss with the Local Government and Housing Ministry so that local squatters here can receive consideration (to be put on the PPRT list)," she said after visiting the squatter settlement, off Jalan Kebajikan, Tuesday.

Regarding an old colonial era bungalow on the hill top which is also currently inhabited by the squatters, Liew said she would instruct the State Museum to check if there is any historical value to the dilapidated home.

"If there is any historical value to the building, the museum will take over to repair and maintain it and if that is the case, I also seek the cooperation of the squatters to make way so that we can take steps to turn the building into a tourist attraction for the State. - Neil Chan


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