How radio broadcasts have evolved
Published on: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The days of audio-only radio broadcasts have ended as radio stations are now capturing audiences via cross-media, including the Internet. Some stations like Era Sabah even took an experimental step by producing an Internet drama series.

Sabah and Sarawak Astro Radio general manager Hafizuddin Nizamuddin said this was part of the station's effort to provide relevant content for their followers, regardless of the platform used to deliver it.

"The strategy is also in line with our ethos — 'Watch Radio' which put much emphasis on catering to the needs of technology-savvy fans," he said during the special screening of the 'Sesal Tak Bernoktah' webrama series finale, here, Saturday.

"And we want to prove that there is a big difference between the 'old' radio and the new one.

"If previously we can only listen to radio broadcasts through radio sets, now, we can 'see' them through visual content, like drama series."

Hafizuddin was also pleased as 'Sesal Tak Bernoktah' has been well-received by the local fans.

"It shows that our followers like such contents. As such, we will continue to provide contents which emulate their values as well as an additional platform for us to interact with them," he said.

He also commended the local talents in Era Sabah's first digital drama, comprising the radio station's announcers — Jay Jay, Addnan, Lopz, Mijul, Emma and Samantha, together with a group of social media influencers called Team Bradaa.

"They are multi-talented as they can act, sing and compose songs."

The first episode of `Sesal Tak Bernoktah', published on Sept 17, recorded 51.000 views and the total views from episode one until episode six is 180,000.

The episodes were published exclusively via Era Sabah and Team Bradaa's Facebook and Instagram accounts, said Hafizuddin.

"Era Sabah's Facebook account has also recorded a significant increase of 145 per cent for the number of video views on that particular page.

"Apart from that, the number of followers for Era Sabah has also increased to 247.929 in Facebook and 70,211 in Instagram after the launch of 'Sesal Tak Bernoktah'," he said.

The eight-episode digital drama series showcase the true meaning of love and friendship.

"It tells a story of a pair of husband and wife who witnessed their lives turned upside down due to the interference of a 'third person'.

"The series highlighted the importance of patience, loyalty and sincerity in any relationship."

The theme song for the series, 'Sesal Tak Bernoktah' was penned by Kim Azizd and sung in a duet by him and Emma Suhaimi.

It was also made to understand that there will be a second season of 'Sesal Tak Bernoktah'.

Lucky fans of Era Sabah and Team Bradaa were also invited to attend the special screening of the series finale. - Ricardo Unta


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