KK litterbugs end up RM50 poorer
Published on: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Smokers were compounded by City Hall personnel for throwing cigarette butts at the ground in Kampung Air Commercial Centre on Oct 10. The offence is stipulated under its Anti-Litter By Laws 2005. The operation was conducted by six personnel from the agency's Cleanliness and Environment Health Department as part of their ongoing "Ops Kutu Sampah".

"Cigarette butts and small plastic wrappers represented about half of all the garbage lying around on pavements, roads and drains.

"Sweeping up the litter on sidewalks and other public places is a manual task requiring a lot of time and resources and we want members of the public to know this," its spokesman told Daily Express.

He said the litterbug campaign is a daily operation which focussed on several areas in the city.

"Each offenders is require to settle RM50 at our office," he said, adding that they will also be warned not to repeat the offence in future.

He said it had to send the message that this is not an appropriate behaviour and that there are consequences if the littering prevails.

"We will also go after those who throw chewing gums, candy wrappers and other plastic or paper waste on the ground in these places, no matter how small the rubbish are, it is still considered as littering," he added.

He said rain carries litter and cigarette butts through the drains and into the sea.

"These rubbish are not only polluting the sea but harming marine life as well," he added. - Oliver Voon


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