Chinese schools worry fewer cleaners in March
Published on: Friday, January 11, 2019
By: Christy Chok

TAWAU: Chinese primary schools in the State are worried the number of school cleaners will be reduced once their contract expires in March.

It was learnt that the Education Ministry has decided to outsource the school cleaner’s contract.

Excellent principal of SJK Yuk Chin Tawau, Chang Li Yun, said the school currently has 1,200 pupils and 11 cleaners. 

Chang said the new cleaning-contract for her school will be released in March and if cleaners are insufficient, the school will find another way to cope.

According to her, all pupils also have their responsibility to clean up their classrooms 

SJK Sin Hwa Tawau Principal, Chu Vun Hui, said her school was affected. From the current eight cleaners, it will be reduced to three. 

However, the eight cleaners will continue working until further notice. The school has 880 pupils.  

Meanwhile, Tawau Council Public Health team head Datuk Chin Chee Syn warned to stop placing their business cards or flyers in traffic signboards, street signboards, streetlights and mailboxes.  

He said with the economy not doing well, loan sharks have grabbed this opportunity to advertise their services everywhere regardless of the main road or heavy traffic areas.

Some inserted their business cards or flyers on the windshield wiper or the window-rubber belt where most motorists will throw these directly on the ground, turning them into garbage.

“I believe it won’t be a problem for the enforcement authority to tackle the irresponsible loan sharks with the contact number printed on the business cards and flyers.

“Business merchants will also be fined for putting up their publicity banners everywhere,” he said. - Christy Chok 


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