Hike in Labuan UTC rental to cover costs
Published on: Sunday, January 20, 2019
By: Iffah Dilaney

LABUAN: The increase in monthly rental for traders at the Labuan Transformation Centre (UTC) is due to lack of funds to cover operation and maintenance costs incurred by Labuan Corporation (LC).

LC Chairman Datuk Seri Amir Hussien said the increase is necessary because the local authority is unable to cover the cost amounting to RM300,000 yearly, needed to ensure the centre is efficiently maintained daily.

“In 2015, we (LC) had fixed the rate at RM400 monthly which was according to the rates set by the Valuation and Property Services Department.

“However, at that time, we decided to provide a 50 per cent discount to give new opportunities for traders and encourage them to gain a foothold to start their business.

“Unfortunately, now we are compelled to abolish the discount to cover maintenance fees,” he clarified.

“Beginning this year, the rental, including a maintenance fee of RM40, will amount to RM400 per month compared to RM220 previously,” said Amir.

Meanwhile, Amir said there would be an exception on the enforcement of parking fees in certain warehouse areas.

“According to the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333), there are nine warehouse areas gazetted as ‘chargeable parking areas’ beginning 2013. However, we have not enforced this for the welfare of the people.

“Our main focus is to curb the problem of container placement, equipment, goods and others placed at parking lots, which makes it difficult for other users to park their vehicles,” he told reporters at the Labuan UTC. 

Also present were LC CEO Datuk Azhar Ahmad and Advisory Council members.



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