Abide by all rules, new teachers are told
Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: New teachers in the State are reminded to always uphold Teaching Profession Ethics and abide by all the rules in the Education Act and General Orders wherever they serve.

According to State Education Director Mistirine Radin, it was also important that the image of teachers as educator always be maintained. 

“Teachers have always been regarded as people who are taught to educate and guide those under their care. 

“So teachers have to have patience and dedication when dealing with students as well as parents and communities where they are serving. Integrity in our management and teaching should always be prioritised.”

She said this in her speech at the handing over of letters of posting to 187 new primary school teachers at the Mini Putrajaya Federal Administrative Complex hall, Tuesday.  

Mistirine said those receiving their placings were considered lucky to be successful in getting appointments and placements from thousands of other educational graduates who were still waiting to be placed.

“So be grateful no matter where you are placed because many of your fellow graduates are still waiting to be appointed and placed.

“In addition, you are fortunate enough to be placed in your own State, though some may not have been placed in their original districts.”

She said the State Education Department will  continue to take steps, set up strategies  and carry out the trust with sincerity to lead the education changes in the state so that educators at all levels whether in schools in PPD or in the Department of Education, including teachers new, should always have the attitude to be a change agents in all respects.

“We are not only determined to want to be transformed to be better and excel but we also want to transform to be examples for other States in the future.”

Mistirine said the new teachers must also always be aware that their pupils are human beings who have hearts, minds, feelings, souls, hopes, various privileges and disadvantages.

“They need to be given proper guidance so that their talents, interests and attitudes can be shaped into quality human capital. The most important aspect of achieving a developed nation level is through quality human capital.

“We are the teachers or educators who play the most important role in shaping new generations that meet the future aspirations and needs of the nation.

“As such, all teachers must truly understand, condone and implement all the concepts and plans of development expressed by the Ministry of Education, particularly in the aspects of Student Development.”

She said the State Education Department has high hopes for all the new teachers. 

“We believe that after five and a half years of training at the Teacher Education Institute, with a new breath, new voice, new spirit and new energy. 

“You can be the main source of education for the state to respond to the government’s call to educate and produce world-class minded pupils and be able to compete with overseas students in the international arena.” - Neil Chan


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