Mayor sets new targets for DBKK
Published on: Sunday, February 03, 2019


 City Hall under new Mayor Datuk Nordin Siman is on a mission to provide fast, innovative, effective and efficient service to meet the needs and expectations of rate payers. 

With a new slogan “Bergerak Pantas Ke Hadapan: Inovatif, Efisien dan Efektif” Nordin who took over the post 33 days ago, wants to see better delivery by his staff.

He noted that in the 19 years since being declared a city, there has been huge development in terms of economic development, infrastructure and cleanliness. 

“Today we launch our new slogan, this will be our guideline and our practice in carrying out our duties,” he told a media conference in conjunction with the city’s 19th anniversary celebration, Saturday. 

“We will do our level best to boost it even further in line with the new slogan, new practice and new goal, which is to give fast, innovative, effective and efficient

“We must be fast in our delivery service, this is most important and at the same time our officers must be effective and efficient in improving the existing system,” he said. 

In addition, he aims to improve the existing infrastructure, economic opportunities and prosperity of the people, adding they would hold workshop in the near future to discuss goal setting. 

Earlier in his speech, he said the increasingly demanding circulation of time and technology coupled with higher education and awareness levels requires City Hall to be a driving force not only in the long run but also to move forward. 

“We must move fast to meet the expectations of the local community and ensure that every complaint is addressed immediately, at least the complainant should be informed about the issues raised,” he said.  He said as an organisation, they have to work out of the box, pointing out that innovation should be cultivated as part of the way the organisation works.

He said procedures should be reviewed from time to time to reduce bureaucratic red tape, adding that expectations and customer feedback would continue to take precedence. 

He said with the mind set and the desire to achieve excellence, Kota Kinabalu will continue to excel as a nature resort city.

In addition to the Key Performance Indicator for each department, City Hall also have 34 specific Key Performance Indicators that have been listed in the field of Sabah’s success.

Nordin stressed that these performance indicators need to be implemented within the stipulated time. 

He said the level of effectiveness of the organisation should therefore be at the maximum level.

“We must also ensure there is no wastage nor error that can be avoided in achieving the desired goal.

“To achieve our mission, we should be wise in handling the time and priority of the task, we must focus and be careful in making specific considerations involving certain implications,” he said. 

“I invite everyone in City Hall to reconsider our function and role, we as a big family need to be aware that we need to exist as an excellent organisation ‘one for all, all for one’.

“There must be a sense of belonging, a synergy that allows us to move fast forward,” he said.

He also said everyone in City Hall would be prepared in terms of skills, training and appropriate expertise. “We should be proud of being part of City Hall. We are the heart of this organisation.”

“This pride should be expressed through our sincerity. God willing … City Hall will continue to excel,” he said. - Sherell Jeffrey 


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