Drought brings difficulty to Pagalungan folks
Published on: Monday, February 11, 2019


The current dry spell, which is causing rivers to become shallow, has brought much difficulty to villagers in Pagalungan sub-district. 

A spokesperson for Kg Binanding villagers, Anis Pangias, said the prolonged drought has made it difficult for villagers to go to town because of the shallow rivers. 

“Villagers who wanted to go to Keningau are forced to pull the boats on the river,” he said. 

This, he said, prompted some villagers led by Ming Pangias to widen the boat route near the Sabinait River which was badly affected by the drought. by shifting rocks and logs blocking the Logongon River. 

“We therefore appeal to the government to upgrade the road from Kg Simatuoh to Pagalungan, and maintain the river in addition to develop the Pagulangan sub-district because so far there is no allocation for this,” he said adding that no leaders until now have ever looked into the matter. 

He said the absence of a leader from among the Pagulungan natives made communication with the Community Development Leaders (CDL) difficult.

The CDL positions, which are monopolised by outsiders, only complicates the situation. On another note, he urged villagers from other settlements to continue with the cooperation to ensure the difficulties faced by them can be addressed accordingly. - Yayasan Dalimpos


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