Perwisa members are advised on etiquette
Published on: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: The increasing understanding on the importance of social protocol and etiquette at official events reflects the image and culture of the members of the Wives of Sabah Assemblyman Association (Perwisa).

Its Chairwoman Datin Seri Shuryani Shuaib said in carrying out official duties and responsibilities both at State and National levels, Perwisa members are often asked to accompany their husbands to attend official functions. 

This, she said, includes being a guest of honour and even a reference to the handling of official occasions in their respective constituencies. 

“Procedures and ethics when attending a ceremony, dress ethics and seating arrangements, among others, should also be emphasised,” she said.

The Chief Minister’s wife said this when officiating the opening ceremony of a two-day programme called “Program Eksklusif Protokol dan Etiket Sosial Dalam Majlis Rasmi Perwisa” at the Pacific Sutera Hotel, here, Monday. 

It was jointly organised by the State Public Sector Training Institute in collaboration with the Ceremonial and Protocol Division of the Chief Minister’s Department and attended by some 30 Perwisa members. 

Shuryani went on to say that such understanding is important to enable its members to have a high ethical practices and be more confident in formal affairs.  

She said good ethics and protocols reflect their professionalism, which gives a positive picture to the public. 

She urged the members to always creatively equip themselves with current, innovative skills in finding opportunities to expose themselves to new things, in addition to being aggressive in gaining knowledge to their boost self-confidence. 

She said these practices should always be exercised as a culture and emulated as well as shared with other members who aren’t able to attend the programme. 

“With expertise in social affairs and protocol matters, we can certainly prepare ourselves to carry out our duties and responsibilities so as not to be confused in official functions and so on,” she said. 

Meanwhile, the programme aims to equip participants with knowledge and enhance understanding of the theory and practices of social protocols and etiquette in official affairs, while understanding the skills and dress ethics while attending official functions. 

It also enables participants to gain guidance on ways to manage various occasions based on concepts and practices of social protocols and etiquette, on top of applying social etiquette values in order to boost self-confidence when involved in various events.  - Sherell Jeffrey 


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