No kitchen work on five-foot-ways
Published on: Saturday, March 09, 2019

City Hall health officials are monitoring the use of walkways to ensure food outlet operators do not carry out dishwashing activities or prepare food in these places.

“This act is very dirty and dangerous for pedestrians because not only it blocks their way to the nearest shops but cause the floor to be slippery as well,” said a spokesman for Cleanliness and Environmental Health Department of the agency. 

He advised all restaurant owners to stop such activities immediately as stipulated under the Food and Eating Premises By-Law 1966. 

“They can be compounded up to RM300 for each offence if they are caught flouting the terms stated under By-Laws 4,” he said. However, he did not say if such monitoring also applies to outlets at night.

This is because action of closure by another local authority against foreigners operating sundry shops in Penampang has resulted in these outlets now operating after office hours, instead.

More than five eatery owners in various parts of the city including Bandaran Berjaya were let off with warning. 

“Their workers were also reminded not to place their kitchen utensils, especially chopping boards, on the pedestrian walkway.

“They were also told not to splash water or oil-based water onto the walkway,” he added.

Pix show City Hall’s Assistant Health Officers advising eatery owners in the city not to carry out kitchen activities on their five-foot-ways.

He said its team of personnel were instructed to keep an eye on such situations in the city suburbs as well. 

“Let this publication serve as last warning to them,” he said, adding that members of the public could report such matters to their attention by providing the name of the premises, exact location and a clear picture of their complaint (if any) to their staff manning their Hotline at 210011. 



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