Kadazan grouping hits snag
Published on: Monday, January 29, 2007
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Kota Kinabalu: The newly-formed Kadazan Society of Sabah (KSS) has run into problems within 24 hours of its official launch with Protem President Marcel Leiking facing the possibility of a no-confidence motion for "acting on his own"."Leiking must come to his senses. Moving a vote-of-no-confidence might be too harsh but we may discuss to see how best to rectify what has happenedÉ(mind you) we have two-thirds majority to vote him out," said Lawrence Ollin Joluis, a co-founder.

"Of course, the committee members can call for his removal should he remain adamant in taking action on his own. So it is pertinent that we hold a meeting, he said.

According to Lawrence, Leiking acted in a high-handed manner in leaving out the majority of Supreme Council members "at the so-called installation ceremony" on Saturday.

He claimed that besides this "gross blunder" by Leiking, even the manner in which the ceremony was conducted contravened the Society's constitution.

Speaking to Daily Express on Sunday, Joluis, 56 who said the idea to form the KSS was mooted by him and protem deputy president Jeoffrey Ekol in 1986, the ceremony on Saturday was as though Leiking was trying grab the honour from the Huguan Siou (Paramount Leader).

"That kind of ceremony should never have happened. Personally, I think he wants to project himself as a big leader but he should (also) realise that the installation of the Huguan Siou (held for life by Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan) was carried out by bobohizans (priestesses).

"But his (Leiking) installation was done by someone who had no influence in the Kadazan community though he might be a Datuk or an elderly," he said.

Leiking's installation as KSS President was symbolised by the placing of the sigah (headgear) by a Kadazan elder, Datuk Sikodol Maluda, with Leiking seated on a chair.

Joluis, who was the KSS protem Secretary-general until his removal on Oct. 6 last year following a dispute with Leiking over the nomination of office bearers, said Leiking should have, instead, got the blessing from Pairin as the Paramount Leader of the KadazanDusun.

"The Society was formed to unite the Kadazan without any political and religious agendas but Leiking's action is defeating the purpose," he said.

In this respect, he said they would allow a cooling-off period of two to three days before the Supreme Council members call for a meeting to confront Leiking and get his explanation.

On his removal as Sec-Gen, Joluis said though there was no official response from Leiking to his letter dated Dec 4, 2006 seeking clarification on his position, he claimed that it stemmed from the argument after "Leiking breached our agreed decision" on the appointment of nominated Supreme Council members.

He claimed they had agreed on June 3, 2006, that George Mijin, Joseph Molijoh, Clarice Moiji and Janeta Anthony Dabbi as nominated members and the appointment of Rita Lasimbang as chairperson of the Launching Committee of the KSS as witnessed by Jeoffrey.

"However on the first Supreme Council Meeting on June 10, he told me he changed his mind and only accepted one (Rita Lasimbang). I was so humiliated and angry because the four nominees were asked to leave," he said.

Joluis claimed that because of wanting his own way, Leiking, a former Berjaya Assemblyman and now in Penampang Umno, also had a dispute with Jeoffrey, especially on the chronology of events leading to the formation of the society, among others.

"This was the reason the public announcement on the formation of the Kadazan Society of Sabah (that was approved by the Registrar of Societies on May 19, 2006) was done by Jeoffrey (and not Leiking as President) on Jan 23," he said. On the reason to choose Leiking to lead the Society, he said, "because we want somebody who can lead".

"Our advice to him is to think seriously what he has done for the good of the committee. If he has other motive (then) tell us. Furthermore his position is still protem status until it is endorsed by the first triennial delegates' conference (TDC)," he said.

"It is a pity that strange things have been happening although we are just beginning to take our step forward. What is important is he had a sincere heart or else people will start boycotting him."

Joluis declined to comment whether he thinks Leiking's agenda was to use the KSS as the platform to resurrect his political career.

Based on the Society's constitution a person can be a member and hold a post in the KSS Supreme Council member so long as he is not also holding a top-level position in a political party.


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