Make Inanam a police hotspot, urges Kapitan
Published on: Friday, February 25, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: City police have been urged to list Inanam town as a "hotspot" and to step up crime prevention and surveillance activities, including regular operations, against the illegal immigrants there. Inanam Kapitan Andrew Lim, in making the call, said this is vital in the effort to address the problem of illegal immigrants and illegal activities by foreigners in Inanam which have remained a main issue there for so long.

"Making Inanam town a police hotspot or priority area would be helpful in ensuring it is clear of illegal immigrants and illegal activities associated with them," he said.

Apart from that, he also called for full cooperation from Inanam residents themselves by not renting out their land or properties to such people or buy from the illegal foreign peddlers.

Commenting on DAP KK Youth Complaint Committee's statement Wednesday on the concern over the growing number of foreigners in Inanam, Lim said Assemblyman Datuk Johnny Goh has taken action on the matter.

He said this was evident by the series of meetings he held with the community leaders and relevant authorities as well as the various

operations conducted by the enforcement authorities from time to time.

"The police and relevant enforcement authorities, including plain-clothed personnel, have also conducted operations against illegal immigrants and those involved in illegal peddling in Inanam town from time to time and we thank them for this," he said.

"But it is only that this problem should not be left on the shoulders of the enforcement authorities alone as it requires full cooperation from all parties concerned, including the public themselves, to effectively solve it," said Lim.

DAP KK Youth Complaint Committee Chief, Mitchell Tai, had said that the committee viewed with concern the rising number of foreigners, believed to be illegal immigrants from the Philippines, at Inanam town.

These foreigners roam aimlessly and freely around the market area, he said, adding Inanam town has become a haven for foreigners to gather, sit around on the benches on the walkways looking at people passing and selling contraband items.

He said the police or relevant authorities should conduct regular inspections to ascertain whether they are illegal immigrants and also urged Goh to look into this matter seriously and push the relevant authorities to take action.


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