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Ghapur lodges report against tabloid
Published on: Friday, February 25, 2011

Tawau: Kalabakan Umno lodged a police report Thursday against a tabloid over an alleged defamatory report regarding Sebatik.

Its Secretary Mohd Ayaz Khan Yunus Khan lodged the report against Tanjung Metro, a newspaper that caters for the Tawau community, under the orders of Kalabakan Member of Parliament Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh at the Tawau police headquarters.

Earlier in a press conference, Ghapur said they would appoint a lawyer to represent them to summon the Malay language newspaper, adding the article published was baseless and detrimental to Umno leaders.

The article, entitled "Pemimpin Kemajuan Rakyat (PKR) Dun 60 Sebatik", states that the PKR in the area has lost its power as its authority is being held by the office supervisor who is said to have family ties with a wakil rakyat.

"I am offended because this is a defamation√Čthis is a lie. If PKR (leader) has given a statement then he is responsible, but there is no spokesperson in that statement," Ghapur said.

He said they had carried out their investigation on the news source but no one claimed to have given any information or statement to the tabloid.

Ghapur added that they had contacted the editor of the newspaper on Wednesday and that he (editor) had promised to attend the press conference to give his explanation but did not turn up.

He described the article as "cheap publicity" and "memungut berita tepi jalan (collect street news)" from hearsay or rumours without any reliable sources.

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