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3 die in Tawau crash
Published on: Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tawau: A woman was among three people who were killed in a road accident involving four vehicles at Tawau-Semporna road, near Nasip Kita, here, at 2.30pm, on Monday.

The vehicles involved were three 4WD vehicles (two Double Cab and a Hilux Single Cab) and an express bus.

The identified deceased were known as Tee Ling Huat, 65, (Double Cab driver), Ngu Heng Dat, 37, (Hilux Single Cab driver) and a woman, Ling Leh Ngik, 66, (Hilux Single Cab passenger).

District Police Chief ACP Ibrahim Chin said the tragedy happened when one of the 4WD vehicles from Semporna went to the opposite lane and collided with three other vehicles.

The driver of another Double Cab vehicle and the bus express driver and passengers did not sustain any injuries.

He said preliminary police investigation revealed that the Double Cab driver who rammed into the three vehicles was driving recklessly and causing accidents.

Ibrahim has also called on witnesses of the incident to come forward to provide information that could facilitate police investigation.

He also advised the road users to be careful and take rest when they feel tired while driving.

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