International football trading card game, anyone?
Published on: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: English television presenter Adam Partington lands on Sabah shores to help launch an International Football Trading Card game that looks set to cause a craze amongst card collectors and football fans here.The brand new football game takes collecting trading cards to whole new level as collectors can use them to go online for interactive experiences.

Futera World Football Online has around 53,000 resisted users across the globe and that number is set to soar in 2011 creating a craze amongst football fans and trading card collectors alike.

Some of Futera's trading cards contain the match worn Jerseys of some of the world's greatest soccer players and some are even personally signed by real players from the top leagues in England, Germany, Spain and Italy!

Describing the game, Adam, 21, said: "It takes the hobby of collecting trading cards and combines them with the skill football management".

"It's a new concept and it's proving very popular wherever it seems to go.

And I'm here because I believe that the success the game has already experienced in other counties and cities across the world can be transferred to KK," added Adam.

Futera World Football Online is already played by Professional Footballers. New Zealand World Cup star Rory Fallon is a big fan who plays and collects on a regular basis.

Another star who recently discovered the excitement of the online game is ex-Sabah Rhino's legend Scott Ollenrenshaw.

Scott enjoys playing and collecting the cards with his son.

The ex Rhinos goal machine explained that they spend hours perfecting their team and hunting for the best cards on offer.

"It's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me I suppose, I spend ages with my son looking for those autograph cards and trying to move our team up the Futera World Football Online rankings.

"There are five leagues altogether and we are hoping to get to League 1 someday," said Ollerenshaw.

The game is currently stocked in outlets across the city. Chester Chow, the owner of Hobby Densetsu in Star City told us that his customers can't get enough of the cards.

"I've been really impressed by the feedback I've had from my customers.

They are really enjoying playing the game and collecting the cards.

"The idea is interesting because you don't have to play with the cards and battle people in person, like you do with other trading card games.

Instead you simply log on to the website and set up a team.

Once you've done that you can play other people from across the world and really test your football management skills.

"The collectors love it because some of the cards are really special and they have pieces of their favorite players shirt within the card," said Chow.

Kobie, who brought his first pack of Futera trading cards a few weeks ago says he now can't get enough of the game.

"As a football fan, trading card collector and a game player it's perfect for me because I get to do all those things at once with Futera.

"It's got the fun of collecting, like Magic or Anime Cards.

But that's enhanced because it is also combined with a soccer game like Football Manager, it's the best of everything for card collectors and game players that also like football," he said.

Search for Futera World Football Online Malaysia on the social networking site Facebook and become a fan for more details.

You can also log on to and sign up and get playing today.

Every player that sets up a team on Futera World Football Online is given a free 15 virtual card starter pack!

The Futera World Football Online Road show hits Kota Kinabalu on April 8, 9 & 10t2011 at Centre Point with lots of fun and game plays free prizes to be given away.


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