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Hornbill is Sabah DAP mascot
Published on: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Penampang: DAP Sabah has launched its election campaign mascot "Ubah" - a hornbill soft toy first introduced during the Sibu by-election by DAP.

DAP Sabah Chief, Jimmy Wong said Ubah comes in six designs and about 100 of them would be put on sale during the DAP Kaamatan Festival on May 28 at Putera World Theatre Ballroom in Luyang.

He said DAP Kaamatan Festival's theme this year, which is "Ubah Menuai Masa Depan" (Harvest a Future) would see the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng who is also DAP Secretary General coming as the guest-of-honour.

In conjunction with the celebration, he said about 300 copies of the DVDs of the Pakatan Rakyat's 13th General Election campaign called "Ubah", which also features three DAP Sabah leaders namely, Wong himself who is Sri Tanjung Assemblyman, Dr Edwin Bosi and Chan Foong Hin would also be put on sale.

"It is for our election fund," he told reporters in a Press conference at the DAP Sabah headquarters in Bundusan here Wednesday.

To a question, he said the hornbill was made the mascot by the party during the Sarawak election and had contributed to the successes of the DAP then.

"The bird can be found in Borneo and we hope through this bird there will be a wake up call for all Borneons to change," he said.

On May 28, he said DAP Sabah would also be launching its Wanita wing that would be headed by Onong Norsiah and their first programme would be to sing the song "Ubah".

Like other Harvest Festival events, there would also be a DAP Unduk Ngadau and apart from the normal trophies and sash as prizes the top three winners would also be given a free return trip to Penang to learn about how the Penang State Government is governed by the Pakatan government.

At the moment, only the components of Pakatan Rakyat had been invited namely Parti Keadilan Rakyat and PAS but Wong said DAP Sabah also welcomed those from other parties if they are interested and willing to pay for the tables.

More details could be obtained by contacting DAP Sabah headquarters at 088-712867.

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