Pixie is simply turned on by Sabah's delights
Published on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah with its great seafood, sunny weather and lovely beaches is, to English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott, a really great place to end her Asian Tour. "We went from Singapore, China, Korea, Kuala Lumpur before finally coming here," she said.

"This will be the end of my Asian tour and tomorrow we'll be getting close to the beach and have sun and some seafood and I think it would be a really good way to end our tour," said the 21-year-old singer prior to her showcase performance in 1Borneo, Monday.

With one million albums sold, a triple platinum triumph, two number one singles and winner of two 2009 MTV Europe Awards, she was here to promote her Young Foolish Happy Tour organised by Universal Music Malaysia in collaboration with 1Borneo Hypermall.

"People told me you have great seafood here and I just love seafood, and that the beach is lovely and the water is lovelyÉthat's like my favourite destination to go.

"I only heard about Manukan island because that's the one we are going to.

I heard that there is this really good island about two hours away from here but we don't have that much time to go there," she said.

On how the "Crazy Cat" term came about she said it can be traced back to her younger days.

"Me, my brother and sister would go out together and it was just part of our vocabulary to call everyone 'cat' like 'hey cat' É'how are you doing cat' and I used it growing up to call my friends.

"After a while, I just started tweeting saying stuff like 'hey cat, I'm going to the show today' and all the fans just picked it up and thought that's what their name was and they embraced it, so that's how I just continued with the 'cat' term," said Victoria Louise 'Pixie' Lott.

On how she got the name 'Pixie' she said the pixie came about because she was born six weeks early.

"I was really small, and so my mother, brother and sister named me Pixie and it stuck with me even before I became a singer," she explained.

On her love for curry dishes she said: "I live in East London and that it's known for having lots of Indian restaurants. So it's no surprise that I eat Indian food a lot.

"I always have the same dish which is chicken tikka masala which is not really spicy but it tastes really good, I pretty much have the same dish, sometimes tandoori," she said.

"I'm not sure about the Indian food here. Perhaps it's slightly different, maybe more western I think," she added.

On her new hairdo which was said to be causing quite a stir among fans: "I don't know whyÉ. I just wanted to cut my hair shorter because I thought some change would be good.

"I've had long hair for ages and I was just getting bored because everyone was having the same hair styles, and I thought what if I just cut it because I could always let it grow," she said.

Her advise for budding young Sabahan talents: "It does take a lot of hard work and exercise, but if you just want to do it so badly, just don't give up and keep doing what you love doing.

"Get out there as much as you can, go to every audition you find, take every opportunity that you can and eventually it is achievable to everyone because that was how I started," she said.

Towards this end, she said: "I've worked myself up from when I was 13, I've learned so much from experience and I feel that it has made me more prepared and more ready and just have more control of what's going on."


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