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KK is not ready for trishaws, says DAP
Published on: Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kota Kinabalu: DAP Sabah has again voiced its opposition to the trishaws operating in the city."We would like to remind Jesselton Trishaw Joy Ride Sdn Bhd (JTJR) that we feel that having trishaws in the city is premature," said its Secretary Dr Edwin Bosi.

"We saw the problem they created in aggravating the already heavy traffic jam in the city.

"We also saw the dangers they pose to the operators, passengers and other road users.

"We also ask if the company has a tour operator licence as it is picking up tourists and doing tour packages.

"We have already requested City Hall to make an in-depth study before introducing the trishaws into our city roads."

Bosi said it must be made clear if the trishaws are introduced into the city as a tourism product or another mode of transportation.

"We are not convinced that the trishaw in the city is a tourism product.

It simply cannot be a tourism product because the people working for the company are not trained as tourist guides.

"The fact that City Hall requires the company to get approval from the CVLB, JPJ and traffic police clearly shows that the trishaws are not a tourism product but are another mode of transportation.

"We know that the local tourism players are not consulted at all.

The revelation by Sabah Tourism Board (STB) that it has never given approval or even consent for the company to display its logo on the trishaws shows disregard for proper authorisation.

"How can Tourism Malaysia simply by-pass STB and endorse the Jesselton Trishaw Joy Ride package to the extent of making it as part of the Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Bike Ride Sabah Programme?

"With the endorsement, it means the trishaws are tourism product and not another mode of transportation."

Bosi said the statement by Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun to let the people decide on the fate of the trishaw business is about saving face.

"It is very clear that the Federal Tourism Minister has not consulted nor shown any respect to him (Masidi). We sympathise with Masidi on this.

Masidi should instead first ask Minister Ng Yen Yen why Tourism Malaysia does not want to introduce trishaws in Kuala Lumpur.

Bosi said that Sabah is basically an eco-tourism destination.

"People travel out of the city to see and enjoy the mountain, forest, islands, rivers, sea, wildlife and indigenous community."

"We must realise that KK city is not the same as Georgetown or Malacca where they are considered historical cities with many historical places to see.

"KK City on the other hand has only the Atkinson's clock and who would want to take a trishaw at night to see the clock?"


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