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Orang Sabah Style team meets biggest fan - CM
Published on: Friday, October 05, 2012

Kota Kinabalu: The Orang Sabah Style team, which has garnered more than 3.5 million views for their viral Youtube video, met their biggest fan the Sabah Chief Minister, recently.

At the official residence Sri Gaya, Datuk Seri Musa Aman sat with the lead performer, Ah Sheng, and 15 other team members for tea and a chat that lasted for more than half an hour.

"We were honoured to meet him, and we appreciate him taking the time to meet us as we know he is a very busy man," said Jack Wong, 31.

Wong was the director and videographer for the hugely popular Sabah parody of the Korean video, "Oppa Gangnam Style".

The Sabah parody also carried a message of unity and was posted on Youtube a few days before Merdeka Day.

Wong also said elements of Sabah's traditional dances were incorporated into the Gangnam parody dance moves.

"We are amazed that he watched the video, and we are touched by his positive response," he said.

"It was very exciting for us, especially for the younger team members," said team member, Sunny Chai Nyit Ngen, 27. Chai, an accountant, was the financial consultant for the team, and the elder brother of Chai Nyit Sheng, 19, better known as Ah Sheng.

More than three quarters of the team are aged between 17 and 19, and they were rather shy during the tea, he said.

"That's why the Chief Minister joked that they were so lively and outgoing in the video, but so quiet during the tea," said Geoseph Liong, 27, another team member.

"He also told us that he also loved to dance," Liong added, laughing.

Liong said the Chief Minister told them that what he is most proud of is not just that they promoted Sabah but highlighted through their Merdeka message that Sabah is part of Malaysia.

In a personal note to them, the Chief Minister wrote: "All of Sabah is proud of you.

You have done something great for Sabah and Malaysia.

I hope that one day, Sabah and Malaysia can do something great for you.

"I hope all of you will keep doing what you enjoy and love, and that you will achieve all your dreams one day.

"What we believe is simple," said Wong. "We love our country, we love what we do.

We will continue to make Malaysia proud, and make Sabah proud."

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