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Star: Jeffrey 'cari makan' for people unlike Bumburing
Published on: Friday, January 18, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Politicians "cari makan" (make a living) from politics, while, some for personal gains others, do the job for the people, said the State Reform Party (Sabah Star).

Deputy Chairman, Dr Nicholas Guntobon in response to Keningau Sabah Reform Movement (APS) Chairman, Paul Kadau, said while the party's chairman, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, is "cari makan" for the people, the non-governmental organisation's leader, Datuk Wilfred Bumburing, is doing it for personal gain.

He claimed Bumburing had done so by colluding with Peninsular Malaysian leaders, as Jeffrey was promoting the State's rights and autonomy.

"Dr Jeffrey dared to stand for the interest of Sabahans and is independent of parties from outside Sabah. Jeffrey had done so using ideas that had never been introduced in local politics," Dr Guntobon said, on Thursday.

He said Dr Jeffrey's ideas are so revolutionary that the APS copied Star's "Ini Kalilah" slogan and initially used its powerpoint presentations, for which they said, " Ini Dr Jeffrey bilang" (this is what Dr Jeffrey has said).

"Does Bumburing believe in fighting for real Sabahans rights?

If he does, how will he do it under Parti Keadilan, which stood by the Malayan Agenda of subtle colonialism?" he asked.

Meanwhile, Dr Guntobon also took exception with APS comments that Star has been attacking them, which he said was actually the other way around.

He illustrated: " While APS was campaigning it faced problems penetrating a lot of areas because Star had already established itself in such places."

He revealed APS had to attack the party, thinking that Star was a rival it needs to eliminate before attacking the Barisan Nasional.

"Eventually, Star responded. And now Bumburing has the temerity to tell Star to focus attacks on Barisan Nasional," he said.

He deemed the move as pathetic, as APS had to resort to create nonsensical attacks against Jeffrey, for the sake of winning arguments.

He said Dr Jeffrey had been accused of indulging in "Aramaitii", something which Bumburing could identify with better, while ignoring Jeffrey's arguments.

"They know Jeffrey had never disloyal to all the parties he had been in.

Rather the leaders from the parties were afraid of Jeffrey's abilities, hence, betrayed him, until he had to leave the parties.

This is clearly shown while he was in Keadilan," Dr Guntobon said.

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