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Polls simply can't be held on certain days, says Dompok
Published on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Penampang: Upko President cum Penampang MP Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must take into account the observance of Good Friday, Easter and the Qing Ming Festival before announcing the dates for the 13th General Election.

He said this when asked on Upko's election preparation.

"These are the events that the Prime Minister would want to look at (before he dissolves Parliament)," he told reporters after attending a press conference with JCI Penampang at Upko headquarters in Donggongon, Monday.

The election, he said, simply can't be held during Good Friday and Easter because Catholics in Sabah and throughout Malaysia observe these days.

Nevertheless, Upko is prepared for the election, speculated to be held at any time soon. "We have been gearing for the election and our election machinery is able to roll off anytime," he said.

When asked if the election would be held in March, he declined to speculate, saying it is the Prime Minister's prerogative.

But he stressed that the sensitivities of some of the electorates must be taken into account.

Good Friday falls on March 29 and Easter on March 31, while the Chinese grave-cleaning custom of Qing Ming falls on April 4.

However, many Chinese families will choose their ancestral grave cleaning rituals over the weekend of April 6 and 7.

Many Chinese travel back to their hometown to do this and polling on this weekend would prove to be unpopular.

Speculations as to when the general election will be held have been circulating for quite sometime.

Some predicted that it would be held end of March or early April.

There were also predictions that Parliament will be dissolved within 60 days after the five-year term ends on March 8.

However, the most likely date for the 13th General Election is expected by the second week of April, a month after Najib ends his "Janji Ditepati" (Promises Fulfilled) national tour and his Barisan Nasional (BN) completes its candidates list and manifesto.

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