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APS: Give the eight heroes datukships
Published on: Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Keningau: Bingkor Sabah Reform Movement (APS) here on Tuesday proposed that the eight security officers killed in the shootout in Lahad Datu and Semporna be posthumously awarded the datukship.

Its chief, Victor Leornardus, said they also must provide assistance to their children until they have obtained university degrees.

"If artists or badminton players could be awarded the datukship, why not award it also to these heroes," he said.

District Police Chief, DSP Robert Salisip @ David, on the other hand, urged the people not to be worried.

He said they should also dismiss rumours that are being spread via the Internet.

The people, he said, should only listen to official statements from the police and relevant authorities.

No such situation is happening in Keningau thus far like what is happening in Lahad Datu, he said.

Former army personnel, John L. and Onggato Binadong, said the deaths of the security personnel in Lahad Datu and Semporna could have been prevented if the authorities have not engaged in discussions with the armed militants.

To this, he urged the Home Minister and Defence Minister to resign and be replaced by others who are more experienced in military or police matters.

On security in Keningau, Leornadus said the authorities should also prioritise the people's safety and not just the police and security forces.

He claimed that by 7pm on Monday, the doors to the police station here were closed to the public.

The lights were also switched off leaving only one light turned on at the counter area.

Previously, he said, there were many police personnel patrolling the township but that after the Lahad Datu incident, they were seldom seen.

President of Keningau Tionghua Commerce Association, Raymond Koh Kian Ling, urged the police not to close the police station at night.

He also said that they must increase the number of personnel to patrol the township.

He said that there should be at least a platoon from the armed forces as added security in Keningau.

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