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Positive reaction from Sabah people
Published on: Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lahad Datu: The drastic action by security forces to end the 22-day intrusion in Kampung Tanduo here by launching an offensive attack early Tuesday received positive reaction from the people in Sabah.

Hoping the operation would end quickly, residents met expressed support for the serious action taken by the Government in addressing the issue.

Hotel worker, Anisah Aradji, 37, said she and her family were worried and in fear after reading the news on the incidents in Kampung Tanduo and Semporna in the newspapers.

"Indeed, I was worried and afraid. After knowing that the security forces have launched an attack on the intruders, I feel calmer and relieved, but have to be cautious as the intruders are not terminated completely," she said here Tuesday.

Relating her experience, Anisah said she and her family made the necessary preparations, including stocking food supplies, for fear of the situation getting worse.

A resident of Felda Sahabat 16, Nuriyamah Mohemma (rpt: Nuriyamah Mohemma), 25, said the news of the offensive attack by the security forces on the armed intruders in Kampung Tanduo brought relief to her.

"I am very thankful to the police and the armed forces for the action taken and hoped all these will end soon as I worry about my parents safety there," she added. Lahad Datu Assemblyman Datuk Nasrun Mansur also agreed with the action taken by the security forces to end the threats by the Sulu intruders.

He believed that the attack could help restore confidence among the people of Lahad Datu that the Government was not weak in handling issues on the country's security.

"They will feel more assured and give an impression that the government is capable of handling this intrusion issue,' he said when contacted here.

A survey in Lahad Datu found most of the business premises in the town area have carried out operations as usual, with residents leaving their homes to do whatever is necessary.

The situation, which was previously quiet, has changed with vehicles back on the streets.

The hope of the situation in Lahad Datu and Semporna returning to normal was also voiced by residents in other areas in Sabah. Sibin Gantau, 63, from Tamparuli, wanted to matter resolved as soon as possible to avoid more people killed.

"The intrusion should not have happened. Both parties could have discussed the matter at the negotiation table," he added.

Khairunisah Aisyah, 32, from Tawau, hoped that the problem could be resolved fast so that the people could get on with their normal lives without any fear.

She said the media should also play its role by making fast and accurate coverage of events to avoid speculation by any quarters.

Ackley Saimon, 34, from Menggatal, said the incident in Lahad Datu would not have happened had the armed intruders from Sulu accepted the offer by the government to withdraw.

"Any country in the world would retaliate if there is intrusion by foreigners. The way how Malaysia handles the problem is commendable because for giving the intruders opportunity to withdraw," he added.

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