1B 'cracks' are 'movement joints': DAP
Published on: Thursday, July 18, 2013
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Kota Kinabalu: Rumours of big cracks appearing in the basement columns and floor slabs of the 1Borneo building structure appear to be only "movement joints" of the building. Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu said he and his team investigated the matter after receiving complaints from the public.

"I feel it is very important to clarify the matter because the rumours sounded as if there was going to be a serious structure failure involved," he said in a statement, Wednesday. This is so as to calm the public on the safety of the building.

Hiew said he and the 1Borneo management team was told that the "big cracks" on the concrete columns and floor slabs are actually constructed as "movement joints" so as to allow the building structure to contract and expand.

"These are also called 'expansion and contraction joints' and they are commonly found in large building structures," he said.

The cracks, he said, may look disturbing and may lead to people thinking that the columns had split into two from top to bottom but, actually, it is part of the building design.

Nevertheless, he suggested that the building management cover the unsightly cracks on the columns and floor slabs and also assured the public over the "cracks". He said some floor tiles in the building need to be replaced because they have became loose.

"But there should be adequate movement joints to be installed when the large floor tiles are replaced.

"This is to take care of the expansion of the tiles, so that they wouldn't pop up," he said, adding that the loose floor tiles can hurt the people especially children when run over it.

On other developments, Hiew suggested that the 1Borneo management build a sheltered bus stand in front of the complex for the convenience of commuters so as to protect them from the rain and sun.


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