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Enough beef, mutton and chicken for Raya
Published on: Monday, July 22, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: A random survey on beef, mutton and chicken stocks in the Central Market on Friday revealed that there was only a slight increase in demand for such food items during the initial Ramadan fasting period but was expected to increase closer to Hari Raya.

According to Masri, 48, a fresh beef seller at the market, the prices of fresh beef was still the same as before with prices ranging from RM20 for beef shanks, rump (daging paha) to RM22 per kg for beef sirloin and tenderloin (daging manis).

"The increase in the demand is only slight as is to be expected during the fasting period but it's still too early to say as this is just the first week of the fasting month.

"We normally sell about 50 kg of fresh beef per day but the demand can be expected to increase the closer it gets to Hari Raya to as much as 400kg per day."

He added that he also did not expect to have any issues with the supply of fresh beef for the coming festive season.

"I feel the fresh beef supply would be adequate and do not foresee any shortages for the coming Hari Raya festivities," he said.

When asked about whether there was any fresh mutton available for sale he said to his knowledge there was none available for sale in the market.

"The meat is not so popular here so there is not much interest.

So you probably have to buy the frozen meat which comes from Australia," he said.

Desa Head of Sales George Leong said there has been no increase in the price of poultry in Sabah.

He said that the price for a whole chicken remains at RM9.80 and that there is sufficient amount of chicken in the State.

According to Dedey, 21, a poultry seller at the market, the demand for fresh chicken during the first week of the fasting month also only saw a slight increase from usual.

She said the price of fresh whole chicken is RM9 per kg (which is a price controlled festive item) and demand from the public has been good with only a slight increase in demand from average.

"We sell about 300 birds on average a day to 500 birds a day on good days but it's still too early to say as the demand will definitely increase in the coming weeks.

"But based on last year's figures, I would not be surprised if we are able to sell more than 1,000 birds a day and even 2,000 birds a day in the final week before Hari Raya," she said.

She also said they did not expect any shortages in the supply of chickens for the Raya festive season as they have several chicken suppliers supplying them.

"We also have frozen mutton from Australia available but the price is about RM20 per kg," she said, adding she felt the price would be unlikely to increase in the coming weeks.

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