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1M'sia Foundation launches Safe Community in LD

Published on: Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lahad Datu: An integrated development programme called Safe Community, has been launched here to promote the sense of belonging and safe environment by the 1Malaysia Foundation.

1Malaysia Foundation Trustee Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said on Wednesday, Safe Community provides co-ownership and care of the safety at the workplace, school compound, recreational areas, at home and others.

He noted that while multiracial living and community are already part of the country's history and heritage, implementation of the "Safe Community" alongside the concept of "1Malaysia" for a livable country is therefore crucial.

A "safe community" in today's context no longer means reducing crime on the streets and community or registering lower health bills or reduction in cost of addressing other social illness.

"It also means determining whether we survive and succeed in the 'new economy' that enhances the country's productivity and competitiveness," he said in a statement here.

He added the under the "1Malaysia 1Safe Community", 1Malaysia Foundation pledges to promote unity, engagement and support for public sector and civil society's involvement in addressing key social issues.

In doing so 1Malaysia Foundation also aims to establish avenues, developing programmes for providing policy input and suggestions, including other critical public-policy issues through research and engagement with key stakeholders.

He noted that 1Malaysia Foundation also encourages public discussion and participation in critical social development, public issues and programmes.

"Essentially 1Malaysia Foundation takes every step possible to help achieve a truly united Malaysian nation," he said.

Lee said the 1 Malaysia concept should set the pace for the rejuvenation of the unity building process involving every Malaysian irrespective of race, colour or creed.

"1 Malaysia should have as its key elements mutual understanding, respect and trust for one another in a multiracial country like us which are vital ingredients for building unity.

"Unity is a priceless gift that must be preserved by all Malaysians in a multi-racial country like Malaysia . Every peace-loving Malaysian should be fully committed to promoting a culture of peace, harmony and unity," he said.

He noted even if economics and information technology are the driving force of this era and future, Malaysians should not lose sight of the racial harmony and unity.

Lee said economic development would not be meaningful without understanding, harmony, goodwill and trust among the people, adding that programmes of action must continue to inculcate nurture and strengthen the spirit of love and patriotism in the country.

"Inter-racial harmony and unity are of paramount importance in a multi-ethnic society like ours.

Malaysia was forged out of diversity and through the spirit of give and take, compromise and consensus.

"The Federal Constitution, which guarantees the rights of the various ethnic groups, and as well the Rukunegara are the guide for nation building and have been accepted by all Malaysians since we attained independence," he said.