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Five films to be screened today

Published on: Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Five films will be screened today at the Golden Screen Cinemas in Suria Sabah Hypermall in conjunction with the 14th European Union Film Festival.

They are Kryptonite!, The Days of The Crows, Faith, Love and Whiskey, Maddened by His Absence and London: The Modern Babylon.

Their respective screening times are 1pm, 3.10pm, 5.20pm, 7.05pm and 9.15pm.

Kryptonite! is an Italian love story about a superhero, a family and a nine-year-old boy with glasses. It is a journey into the past for an idea of how much we have changed and how its possible to dream of a better life by facing up to life's difficulties with good spirits.

The Day of The Crows is a French feature about a tyrannical giant who prevents his son from being adventurous. Hence, his son is forced to be with the company of ghosts that haunt the forest until he is forced to go to the nearest village one day.

Faith, Love and Whiskey is a Bulgarian film about a woman who is forced to decide between her American fiance and her alcoholic best friend.

It won the Grand Jury Prize for Narration at the 2012 Dallas Film Festival.

Maddened By His Absence is German offering about the reunion of two former lovers while they come to terms with their past.

London: The Modern Babylon is an English film about how London's immigrants and Bohemians changed the city forever.

It won the 2012 British Independent Film Award in 2012.

Except for Kryptonite! and London: The Modern Babylon, the other three movies being shown today require admission by tickets costing RM6 each.

However, 100 patrons who produce this Daily Express report at the counter on a first-come basis would be entitled to a free ticket.