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Kepayan folks told to decide in a week

Published on: Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah's Luyang chief, Chin Teck Ming, and City Hall Landscape Director, Walter Kenson, visited the site of the futsal court at Kepayan Ridge along with residents.

This followed a complaint from the residents' representative, Solumin Sanor, that the futsal field under construction should not have taken so much of the existing Kepayan Ridge football field area.

During the discussion, City Hall gave a week for the residents to re-consider whether they wanted to call off the construction of the futsal court.

Walter also briefed the residents on the construction plan.

The whole project would involve upgrading the existing football fields and the upgrading of the basketball field which is not far away from the present site.

This follows Api-Api Assemblywoman Christina Liew's urging City Hall to immediately stop the construction of the futsal court at the football field there in view of objection by the residents of Kepayan Ridge on Dec 2.

This was in response to an incident where a group of about 10 residents confronted and stopped the contractor from continuing with the construction of the futsal court, which is still pending final decision from City Hall.

She had noted that the residents were disappointed that the contractor was continuing with the construction despite their protest on Nov 29.