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Tyre shop assistant found dead

Published on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: An 19-year-old assistant in a tyre shop, who was missing from a boat along Sutera Harbour coastal area on Sunday afternoon, was found dead in the same area at about 10.40pm on Monday.

Kamal bin Magsaysay was found by his cousin who assisted in a search and rescue operation by the Fire and Rescue Department personnel, Civil Defence Department and Maritime police since Sunday.

Kamal's relative 39-year-old Madi said he and Kamal worked together in a tyre shop in Karamunsing and they worked half day on Sunday before Kamal went out to fish in the Sutera Harbour coastal area.

Madi said their cousin found the body floating near an exclusive housing area near Sutera Harbour.

Later, he said the body was brought back to their home in Sembulan and the burial was conducted at 10am on Tuesday.

Madi said he believed Kamal had an epileptic seizure which had caused him to fall from the boat.

The search and rescue operation was mounted after an empty fishing boat was found floating along the Sutera Harbour coastal area on Sunday.

It was learnt that a civilian alerted the Fire and Rescue Department after seeing the empty boat floating at the scene at 5.07pm.