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Kurup to accept PKR duo?

Published on: Friday, December 13, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah President Tan Sri Joseph Kurup is non committal on whether the two assemblymen who had ditched PKR - Jeremy Malajad from Kadamaian and Jailani Hamdan from Matunggong - will join his party as widely speculated.

"Although he had proclaimed that he is a friend of Barisan Nasional, let us put it this way, Jeremy has said that that since his voters mainly comprise KadazanDusunMurut (KDM) he would be closer to PBRS."

When pressed as to whether he had received any application from them to join the party, Kurup merely smiled.

Kurup who is Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, was asked to confirm rumours that the two former PKR assemblymen were poised to join PBRS when he officiated at the State Level National Unity and Integration Week 2013 celebrations at the State Federal Adminstration Complex Auditorium, Thursday.

At one point it was also speculated that former DAP Luyang Assemblyman, Hiew King Cheu, was also contemplating joining PBRS.

However, Hieu dismissed the talk saying that he was approached by the two to join a political party but that he did not ask them which.

All three have since said they considered themselves to be pro-BN independents.

It was also said that PBRS was eager to have the assemblymen as it would enhance the party's standing as it now only has a Member of Parliament and a State Assembly seat. This would also enable it to defend the three seats belonging to the opposition defectors in the next general election.

The event which was intended give an opportunity to local communities to participate in activities organised by the National Unity Department also saw the presentation of 28 appreciation awards to individuals who had served more than 15 years in the Neighbourhood Watch Area Association (KRT) Statewide, 25 awards to most active district KRT for 2013 and State agencies including the Police, Rela and Education Department who have assisted the Unity Department's mission.

Kurup in his speech called on all leaders at the KRT level to be an example and role model to the local community and to practise and uphold the Rukun Negara principles.